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We believe in informing, empowering, and engaging youth to assure the certainty of their path in career and life. Y2Y is a youth to youth platform that allows youth to be informed and engaged in national and worldwide opportunities.

The Challenge

The task was to create an intuitive user experience that seamlessly worked with the business model idea.

Our Strategy

We designed an intuitive user experience that highlights only the most important features for the user.

Engaging Home Page

Youth to Youth

What is it, and who is it for? Youth to Youth asked us to help design to connect with their target demographic in collaboration with UNDP and other organizations from the world. 

With a significant amount of youth opportunity sites, it can be hard to stand out. We worked closely with Youth to Youth team to create a remarkable visual style, in keeping with the brand and improve their exposure with simplified interface.

By making the site easy to navigate and easier to interact with, the redesign aims to drive more sales through the improved e-commerce website.

“ The new Youth to Youth platform makes it simple for users to get new and fresh opportunities and skills that meet the international standards.” Bethlehem Tesfu , Designer

Why Youth to Youth ?

Opportunities play a major role in transforming the capacity, skills, and potential of a young person, Youth to Youth stands for giving such opportunities for the youth.

Youth to Youth web designs have resulted in a 70% increase in overall sign-ups, doubling the sign-up conversion rate.

Maelaf provides the advantages of having a full-time designer in-house while only working part-time. Their fast delivery time and quality inspire confidence in their work.”

Kalewongle Tesefaye Director of Youth to Youth, Y2Y

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