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Search 4 Finance is a tool that enables users to create better engagement in work with crypto currentcy. It improves User experience, camaraderie, and trust in the crypto exchange world.



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Search 4 Finance


A sight to behold


By simply creating a new brand idea, we created a website that encourages users to engage more with sales.

When something is complex, it’s overwhelming to users and increased the learning time for engagement. Understanding what it is the user wants most is key and presenting only the most on-point information makes for more efficient adoption. Focused design, designed for focus!

By making the site easy to navigate and easier to interact with, the redesign aims to drive more traffic through the improved crypto website.

“Blending organic designs ideas with clean and crisp UI was a challenging but fun problem to solve. The bright colors and clean layout created a lot of opportunities to play around with the website CMS.” Beth , Branding Manager

A genius product story to be told.

Targeting the user

Search 4 Finance’s website is a crypto shop journey that unveils new coins in a way that leaves the user wanting to see more. The new website allows the user to discover effortlessly.

“Great communication and response time. The site came out even better than we imagined and they provided solid support after the project ended. Super easy to work with and no hidden fees.”

Director of Search 4 Finance, US

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